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Tubal ligation and insemination

20. August 2016 20:00

when you have done tubal ligation , can you then do the insemination treatment? or is it better to do in vitro fertilization. Also whats your opinion about the tubal ligation reversal. What would be the best choice? Can you tell my how much this choices cost separately. Thank you very much.

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Hi After tubal ligation insemination treatment is no longer possible, you need IVF. The question about reversal depends on your age and ovarian reserve, and on the sperm quality of your partner. You will have to ask the surgeon about his or her success rates. If you are older (above 35 years), your ovarian reserve is no longer high and your partners sperm quality is not top quality, most fertility doctors will recommend IVF.
Besvaret 22. August 2016 10:14

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