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too late?

6. April 2016 16:22
Camilla Orjuela

Hej. I had a child with the help of your clinic (and donated sperms), Eskil, born in 2011 (he is wonderful!). Now I am wondering whether it is too late for a second one. I am born in October 1972. What do you say? Any chance? Eskil was made at the first IVF attempt (after many insemination attempts).
Thanks and kind regards,

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Hi Camilla Please, measure an AMH and, if possible, also FSH+LH+Oestradiol on your 2nd cycle day. Send the results to us and we can tell you whether it makes sense to try again. Kind regards, Ursula Bentin-Ley
Besvaret 6. April 2016 18:27

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