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21. June 2018 14:49
Agnes Nyester

Dear Doctor,
I am a 39 years old woman willing to start the IVF. I have a small myoma in my uterus that has to be operated. Is there any possibility to make the stimulation and freeze my eggs and to have after the surgery? And when everything is fine to go on with final step of the transfer of the embryos?
I do not want to take the risk of the surgery and not having some eggs frozen.
Thnaks you so much

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Hi. This is a really good idea. You will not have to wait 2-6 months after the surgery before you can start stimulation, so your eggs will be younger. Our results with frozen blastocyst are as good as fresh. 90-95% of blastocysts survive the thawing. Kind regards, Ursula Bentin-Ley
Besvaret 21. June 2018 15:38

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