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12. June 2018 11:39
Mainul Islam

I got married since 2 years. We are am trying to take baby also. My wifes period is not regular. Some months are regular somes are not. And When do sex, I cant stay long time. My sperm has come very quickly. I am also upser about that. So, please suggest me. How can I improve my ejaculation in bed?
And also my wifes period.

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Thank you for your question. I suggest that your wife should contact a fertility specialist to have an evaluation whether she is ovulating or not. This might have a major influence on your chance of obtaining a pregnancy. You should also have a semen analysis. Early ejaculation does not impair the sperm quality, however, it possibly has influence on your sex life. Kind regards, Ursula Bentin-Ley
Besvaret 13. June 2018 07:39

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