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Probability of successful pregnancy

2. May 2016 08:45
Yuko Sakamaki

I’m writing this from Japan.
I just started to consider becoming a single mother by choice after i turned 35. because I don’t have plan in getting married at the moment but I hope one day. so I am considering to have a baby first before it gets too late.
I have Graves’ disease for about 13 years and its controlled by medication. and I just received a diagnosis of chocolate cyst.
I am so worried about if I could get pregnant.

I would like to know where I start to get treatment at your clinic.
I’ve found your clinic in an article about a review.
and It’s appreciating if you could tell me about the cost for the treatment includes IVF.

Best regard,

Yuko Sakamaki

Svar fra lægen

Dear Yuko. The most important information is your age, and dependent on this alone, your chance of a pregnancy is about 45% per embryo transfer. If your graves disease is well controlled, I do not worry so much about this. What about the chocolate cyst? Have you had a laparoscopy to verify the diagnosis of endometriosis? If yes, we will recommend a special stimulation regiment especially for endometriosis patients. Endometriosis can affect your pregnancy chance.
Besvaret 2. May 2016 12:34

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