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30. April 2019 12:27
Alla Popova

My situation is following: I’m 43 y.o, live in Sweden and had breast cancer 3 years ago (HER-positiv, hormone dependent). My recent hormoneblood test showed that i can be pregnant ).
My partner and i have a child, but he does not want another one because of his age and fear that i can get cancer again.
My question is whether there is meaning for me to freeze my eggs in order to get a child in the future with the help of surrogate motherhood. Where can I do it?
Thank you in advance!
Best regards

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Dear Alla Unfortunately, your eggs are too old for freezing. This is not recommended for women above 35 years, because the quality of the eggs drops significantly with higher age. Have you ever thought about egg donation? Then you do not need to go through the hormone stimulation, but you can become pregnant, if your disease is compatible with a pregnancy. Kind regards, Ursula Bentin-Ley
Besvaret 30. April 2019 15:42

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