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Egg Donation

2. April 2016 21:12


I am interesting in donating my eggs to a woman or couple in need. I’m wondering if you can provide me information about the process, treatment, commitment requirements, and renumeration for the procedure. I am a 28-year-old caucasian female, PhD educated, light brown hair, blue eyes, 60kg, approximately 170cm. I have no health problems, am generally health and active, and am a non-smoker. I currently live in Norway but am willing to travel.

Thanks for any information you can provide,

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Dear Hannah Thank you for your offer. There is an economical problem related to donation with foreign donors, as the couple has to pay for your travels and stay in DK. I do not know whether we can find someone who is willing to pay these extra expenses. May I come back to you if I find a couple that is willing to do so?
Besvaret 3. April 2016 15:16

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