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Donor embryo

15. July 2018 18:10
Niamh Tierney

I hope you’re well. I was wondering about embryo donation, if the embryos are from healthy donors, as opposed to IVF patients. Also is the egg and sperm identifiable? How much does it cos please? How many embryos are you guaranteed? And what is success rate at your clinic please? I’m almost 42. I’m a single woman. I’m trying one last time with my own eggs, but if it fails, I’m moving to donor embryo. Thanks.

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Dear Niamh Eggs and sperm are identifiable, but not for you. You can choose the donor sperm yourself and get more information at the spermbank (extended profiles). Egg donors are healthy young women, but not all of them have kids themselves. Some donors have decided that their identity can be released to the child once it is 18 years old, others have decided to be anonymous. You will never get the identity of the sperm or egg donor, only your child. Kind regards, Ursula Bentin-Ley
Besvaret 16. July 2018 01:34

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