5-year rule for frozen eggs repealed

The Folketing has decided that the 5-year rule for storage of frozen eggs will be abolished, so that the eggs may be stored until the day the woman turns 46 years old. It announces the Ministry of Health. This applies to all eggs that have been frozen in connection with fertility treatment or disease. On […]

Open borders for foreign patients

If you are in fertility treatment at our clinic, you can enter into Denmark with a letter from the clinic. Therefore, we wellcome all our foreign patients back to treatment. Call us, or send an e-mail to booking@danfert.dk. Introductory interviews are still conducted via Skype. We look forward to seeing you again. The Team, Dansk Fertilitetsklinik

Coronavirus update

You can continue to meet us by phone and e-mail and we will continue to help you through the next couple of months. We also continue to hold medical appointments with new patients who would like to start treatment when the situation has stabilized. The conversations are conducted over Skype or telephone so you do […]

Important corona virus information

Denmark has closed all borders today. if you are living abroad, you will not be allowed to enter. Therefore, we have cancelled all treatments of foreign patients. If you are living in Denmark, the following rules will apply We remain open to patients without symptoms of corona infection. If you have symptoms of a cold […]

Egg donation for single and lesbian women

Danish politicians have voted for single women and lesbian couples can be treated with egg donation from January 1st 2018. At least one of the donors must be an open donor, so the children can obtain more information about their ancestry at a later time. Lesbian women are allowed to donate to their partner, if […]

New Insemination Packages

New inexpensive package deals for insemination treatments Our prices have ben updated. In this context, we have created new affordable packages for insemination treatments, with or without donor semen. Have a look at our pricelist

Open donor semen from Oct. 1st 2012

The Danish parliartment has adopted the proposed amendment June 8th, it comes into force from october 1st. We give you a short overview about the most important changes. Donor semen Both open and anonymous donor semen will be allowed. It is optional to the woman/ the couple if they want to use open or anonymous […]

Now with 24 hour surveillance of your embryos

We have rebuilded our laboratory to accomodate 2 new timelapse incubators (EmbryoScopeTM) which automatically take pictures of all embryos every 20 minutes. These high-technological incubators allow us to monitor embryo development continuously and enable us to improve selection of the embryo that has the highest chance of pregnancy. The staff has been trained in the […]