Donor semen

Where to buy the donor semen?

You must buy the donorsperm directly from a sperm bank. There are several approved sperm banks in Denmark. We have collaborated with European Spermbank for many years. The sperm bank is located very close to our clinic.

Which donor sperm should I choose?
You can choose whether you want to use open or anonymous donor sperm. If you need double donation (egg donation + sperm donation), either the sperm donor or the egg donor must be open (contactable).

We recommend donor sperm, which are:

  • IUI-ready (semen is purified)
  • MOT20 (MOT = total motile). You need MOT20 for insemination. If you use donorsperm with lower count for IVF, you risk that we have to perform ICSI, because there is too little motile sperm. You cannot use 2 units MOT10 instead of 1 unit MOT20

What is the difference between open and anonymous donor sperm?
When choosing open donor sperm, the child of the sperm donor can contact the sperm bank when he / she has reached the age of 18. The sperm donor has provided a contact form on which the child can contact him. It can be via email, phone calls or a personal attendance. Dansk Fertilitetsklinik has no liability for the contact as it is an agreement between the donor and the sperm bank. We just convey the semen.

When choosing anonymous donor sperm, it is not possible for the child to know who the sperm donor is.

How much donor sperm should I buy from the sperm bank?
One unit of donor sperm we call a donor straw. One donor straw is enough for one insemination or one IVF treatment.

How many donor straws you need depends on the number of treatments you need to go through. Unfortunately, this is not possible to predict.

When should I order the donor sperm from the sperm bank?
When you start your treatment, you must order the donor semen for the clinic. We receive delivery of donor sperm on Wednesdays. Receipt and registration of donor sperm costs 750 DKK (subject to price changes). Days other than Wednesdays it costs 1250 DKK (subject to price changes). If you receive more than one semen, you must pay for the storage of semen. Storage costs 2000 DKK (subject to price changes) for one year.

If you have been delivered a sperm and your treatment is canceled, you must pay for the storage of the sperm.

You must also calculate the cost of transporting the donor sperm from the sperm bank. You can contact the sperm bank regarding prices for this.

Many patients choose to buy 3 units at a time and then have them stored at our clinic. In that case you only pay for transportation and receipt once and afterwards for storage at the clinic.

How many children can a sperm donor make?
A sperm donor can make 12 families = 12 children and siblings for these children in Denmark, and more families in other countries. There is no maximum on how many siblings the sperm donor may make.

If the sperm donor has achieved his quota for your country, you can therefore continue to use the sperm donor if it is for siblings.

What happens if the sperm donor is quarantined?
In the event that the donor is quarantined, the clinic may not use the semen, even if it is in the clinic.

A sperm donor can be quarantined at the slightest suspicion of a hereditary disease, which is registered in a newborn child. If the sperm donor is acquitted, you can use him again as a sperm donor.

If the sperm donor is permanently blocked, you must no longer use the sperm donor or any frozen embryos. However, there is an exception if the sperm donor is for siblings. You must agree that you want the sperm donor despite the risk of passing on a hereditary disease.

Dansk Fertilitetsklinik cannot be held responsible for embryos that may not be used as a result of a permanently blocked donor.

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Do you want to book an appointment or do you have questions that are not answered in our FAQ? We are here to help you.

Send us an email!

Do you want to book an appointment or do you have questions that are not answered in our FAQ? We are here to help you.