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Rainbow child

6. January 2021 10:02

My friend (28) and I (37) wish to start a family together. Since our sexuality differs, we have tried several times with home-insemination when I am going to ovulate. My question is, how we can proceed? My GP is not able to help me, and although we are not very busy, we don’t want to waste our time because of my age.

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Dear A

As I understand your question, you wish to have a child together and start a family. This means, that both of you will be parents to your rainbow child. You have tried home-insemination without luck.

Like all other couples that wish to have a child, you both need a fertility investigation. This investigation does not differ from heterosexual couples. If you live in Denmark, you can ask your GP for a referral. After the investigation, we will be able to counsel you about the different treatment options (insemination, IVF or gamete donation).

Since you are 37 years old, I will recommend that you start with the fertility investigation now. You can always decide later on, whether you want to continue with home-insemination once you know the results, or if you want to start fertility treatment.

Best wishes, Ursula Bentin-Ley

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