Open donor semen from Oct. 1st 2012

The Danish parliartment has adopted the proposed amendment June 8th, it comes into force from october 1st. We give you a short overview about the most important changes.

Donor semen
Both open and anonymous donor semen will be allowed. It is optional to the woman/ the couple if they want to use open or anonymous semen.
Couples can also bring their own donor. Singles can only do this if the donor is ready to be the father of the child. The donor must not be more closely related to the woman.

Egg donation
Both anonymous and open donation is allowed. You can also bring your own egg-donor. The mother or daughter of the recipient is not allowed to donate, however, a sister or girlfriend is. The egg-donor must not be more closely related to the male partner of the recipient.
The donated egg must still be fertilized with the semen of the partner. This means that we are not allowed to offer egg donation to single women as one of the parents has to be a genetic parent.

More closely related
The Danish Parliarment defines this group as parents, children, cousins, cousins of the parents and their children.

Destruction of frozen gametes and export outside Denmark
In case of death of the woman, cryopreserved oocytes and embryos have to be destroyed, as we are not allowed to transfer them into the uterus of another woman.
In case of death of the man, we are allowed to use the cryopreserved semen or embryos if the man has given written permission.
Oocytes and embryos are allowed to be exported outside Denmark.

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