Covid-19 restrictions from December 15th 2021


Due to increasing numbers of Covid-19 infections and the reduced protection of vaccines, everyone who enters the clinic must bring a valid quick test. This also applies if you have been vaccinated and have corona pass. Remember to wear a mouth piece and in case of any colds, coughs or other symptoms of Covid-19, cancel […]

Your partner can accompany you to more treatments

From today, your partner is very welcome to accompany you for embryo transfer and insemination as well. He or she must present a negative covid-19 test not more than 48 hours old. Your partner has been welcome to participate in egg collection and pregnancy scans at all times. You still have to come alone for […]

Donor sperm must be purchased at the spermbank

donor sperm

Our stock of donor sperm at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik is about to run out. From july 1st, we no longer offer that you can buy the sperm directly at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik. You must therefore muy the semen directly from the sperm bank, and then have it delivered to us. You are always very welcome to contact […]


We wish you all a Happy New Year. The clinic is open December 31st from 9 until 12. Our phone is also open from 9-12 a.m. We are back with normal opening hours from Saturday January 2nd.  Due to the high infection rate with Covid-19, you can only bring your partner for egg collections and […]

Jan. 2nd: We remain open during Covid-19


We are not subject to Covid-19 restrictions and remain open to treatments as before: You must cancel if you experience symptoms of infection with Covid-19 You must come alone to all examinations and treatments You must arrive on time and not show up before You must wear mouthpiece throughout your stay at the clinic You […]