Less Covid-19 restrictions from June 14th 2021

From tomorrow we reduce the Covid-19 restrictions in the Clinic. You do no longer need to wear a mouth-piece. The following rules will remain: Your partner is welcome for oocyte collection, embryo transfer, insemination and pregnancy scan. Both of you must present a valid corona pass when you enter the clinic for the above mentioned […]

Your partner can accompany you to more treatments

From today, your partner is very welcome to accompany you for embryo transfer and insemination as well. He or she must present a negative covid-19 test not more than 48 hours old. Your partner has been welcome to participate in egg collection and pregnancy scans at all times. You still have to come alone for […]

Opening hours Easter 2021

The clinic is open from 9.00 during Easter. The phone is open from 9-12. We wish you a happy Easter.

Jan. 2nd: We remain open during Covid-19

We are not subject to Covid-19 restrictions and remain open to treatments as before: You must cancel if you experience symptoms of infection with Covid-19 You must come alone to all examinations and treatments You must arrive on time and not show up before You must wear mouthpiece throughout your stay at the clinic You […]