Important corona virus information

Denmark has closed all borders today. if you are living abroad, you will not be allowed to enter. Therefore, we have cancelled all treatments of foreign patients.

If you are living in Denmark, the following rules will apply

We remain open to patients without symptoms of corona infection.

If you have symptoms of a cold or respiratory infection such as a cough, headache, swallowing, breathing problems or fever, DO NOT enter the clinic. Call and cancel instead or send an email.

Children and relatives are NOT admitted to enter the clinic.

Do not enter the clinic before your appointment. You are NOT allowed to wait in the waiting room.

When you come in, disinfect your hands as the first.

Avoid touching doors or door handles inside the clinic. The staff will open and close the doors for you.

All introductory appointments are made over Skype to reduce the number of contacts and the risk of infection.

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