Less Covid-19 restrictions from June 14th 2021


From tomorrow we reduce the Covid-19 restrictions in the Clinic. You do no longer need to wear a mouth-piece. The following rules will remain: Your partner is welcome for oocyte collection, embryo transfer, insemination and pregnancy scan. Both of you must present a valid corona pass when you enter the clinic for the above mentioned […]

Donor sperm must be purchased at the spermbank

donor sperm

Our stock of donor sperm at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik is about to run out. From july 1st, we no longer offer that you can buy the sperm directly at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik. You must therefore muy the semen directly from the sperm bank, and then have it delivered to us. You are always very welcome to contact […]

Opening hours Easter 2021

The clinic is open from 9.00 during Easter. The phone is open from 9-12. We wish you a happy Easter.

Restrictions without change of treatment

The government’s new restrictions on December 7, 2020 will not change your current or planned treatment. Fertility treatment is not subject to closures. Remember to wear a face mask and come to the exams alone. Stay home if you have symptoms that could be due to Covid-19.