We ask you to have your progesterone level measured together with the pregnancy test. if your progesterone level is high, you can stop immediately. If it is lower, you must stop 3 weeks after the positive pregnancy test, which means you stop after the early pregnancy scan. Some clinics always stop when the pregnancy test is positive. However, the clinical investigations demonstrating that you can stop that early cannot exclude that up to 5% of women will have an abortion stopping early. Therefore we recommend that you continue until the pregnancy scan if your level was at the lower end.

Women who have become pregnant with frozen-thawed embryos in a hormone controlled cycle need to continue until 3 weeks after the pregnancy scan, until you are 10 weeks pregnant. This is also the case if you had an alternative ovulation induction to prevent hyperstimulation syndrome, and are taking estradiol and progesterone.

Our nurse will inform you regarding your individual plan when you receive information about your pregnancy test.