You are welome to buy your own semen and have a private deposit at the clinic.

This is often the case if you want to have another child after having becoming pregnant with semen from a specific donor before. For siblings there are very few problems.

You have to be aware that there are circumstances under which we are not allowed to treat you with your own semen. This might happen if:

If you want the donor for a sibling, you will not have problems with the quota. This is only valid for the first child. You also have the possibility to re-use the donor, even if he has been diagnosed with a specific disease, if you have a child already from that specific donor. However, you have to sign a paper that you are aware of and accept the risk of transmitting a disease to your child.

The purchase of private donor sperm is a matter between you and the spermbank. The clinic can thus not be held liable if your private donor is not allowed to be used.

When you buy your personal donorsperm, you have to pay for the transportation from the spermbank to the clinic, and also for receipt and storage of your private semen depot at the clinic. We recommend that you order the transportation as soon as possible, in order to avoid extra payment for acute delivery and receipt. Have a look at our pricelist.