Male fertility testing

During the introductory consultation we will establish your medical history and reproductive health history. This will help us assess the cause or causes of your fertility problems as well as determine the best treatment for you. Foreign patients are kindly asked to bring the preliminary tests with them for the interview.

Detailed case history

  • Diseases
  • Previous fertility
  • Infections
  • Lifestyle
  • Other factors affecting fertility

Blood samples to test for HIV and Hepatitis*:

  • anti-HBc
  • HBsAg
  • anti-HCV
  • anti-HIV 1/2

* These test must be performed in a laboratory that is accredited according to the European Cells & Tissue Directive. Laboratories accredited according to DIN EN ISO 15189 or 17025 are also accepted.

Semen analysis
The sperm sample will be analysed in our laboratory under a microscope by the embryologist who measures the sperm cell concentration and looks at how the sperm cells move, how many are alive, and whether they look normal. This will take a few hours, and once we have the results we can give you an answer. See an example of a semen analysis.

A Normal sperm sample looks like this:

  • At least 2 ml of semen
  • At least 20 million sperm cells per ml
  • At least 50% of the sperm cells must be alive and moving
  • A certain portion of the sperm cells must be very motile
  • At least 30% of the sperm cells must have a normal gross morphological appearance

The sperm sample
Quite often a single sperm sample is not sufficient to make a correct assessment of the sperm quality, as the sperm quality may be affected by stress and your general state of health. If you have been ill within the last three months, it is very important to let us know, as this may affect your sperm quality.

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