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You can ask questions regarding infertility and fertility treatments directly to the doctor. We try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Please note that your question will be public, but of course, we will not show your e-mail and real name if you want to be anonymous. However, it is important that we have your information, otherwise, the question will not be answered 


23. September 2020 12:24
Aaron rogers
Besvaret 1. January 1970 00:00
Hi Doctor, My wife and I are very excited to try to have a child. We currently live in Rochester, NY. We are using a Danish sperm donor and I have family in Copenhagen and in Sweden and speak swedish. Teresa is 38.6 years of age and will receive her passport to travel to Denmark...

Menopause in my 30’s

11. June 2020 11:18
Marie Ouedraogo
Besvaret 15. June 2020 06:18
I have been diagnosed with in my early 30’s. I do not have any children yet but I want to get pregnant soon. My younger sister (24y/o) has offered her eggs. Is this something that can possibly be done in your clinic?

I would like to have a baby

26. May 2020 18:53
Besvaret 27. May 2020 10:33
I am a 33 years old African woman married to a danish man.I would like to have a baby. However, my husband doesn’t want to have more kids because he already has two and I don’t have. Is it possible for you to help me with the sperm insemination or IVF so I can become...

IVF single woman

30. April 2020 12:16
Besvaret 6. August 2020 12:55
Hello!I am 43 year old single woman from Croatia.Can you help me to become pregnant with donor sperm and what examination do I need to do in my country before I came to your clinic.best regards


30. April 2019 12:27
Alla Popova
Besvaret 30. April 2019 15:42
Hi! My situation is following: I’m 43 y.o, live in Sweden and had breast cancer 3 years ago (HER-positiv, hormone dependent). My recent hormoneblood test showed that i can be pregnant ). My partner and i have a child, but he does not want another one because of his age and fear that i can...

Travelling from abroad for IUI

29. August 2018 13:48
Jenny Ní Mhaoileoin
Besvaret 21. June 2019 06:23
I’m interested in having an IUI using donor sperm in your clinic but I have PCOS and know I will need meds and monitoring scans and it could take many tries before the follicles grow enough to administer the trigger. How would this work with me in Dublin or how many times would I need...

Donor embryo

15. July 2018 18:10
Niamh Tierney
Besvaret 16. July 2018 01:34
Hello, I hope you’re well. I was wondering about embryo donation, if the embryos are from healthy donors, as opposed to IVF patients. Also is the egg and sperm identifiable? How much does it cos please? How many embryos are you guaranteed? And what is success rate at your clinic please? I’m almost 42. I’m...

Prolactin &in vitro

10. July 2018 19:28
Besvaret 11. July 2018 11:44
Hi. I have high prolactin level 509. Should I take medication to bring down prolactin right up to the positive pregnancy test? Can I have problems with my in vitro and later with pregnancy. ? Thank you for your answer

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