We strive to give our patients a good experience when they come to our clinic. And we are fortunate that some of the patients we have had the pleasure of helping would like to share their story here.

It meant the world to us

It meant the world to us that you had confidence in us and were willing to do everything in your power to help us succeed Dear Ursula and Hans You did it again. We are so grateful that you helped us make another beautiful little boy. ou mean everything to us, and we will see you again when we feel that our boys should have a little brother or sister :-). It has been a pleasure and a great relief to come to your clinic after going through public fertility treatment without success. Dansk Fertilitetsklinik is a completely different world.

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You eased us through a difficult time

Dear sweet ladies and Hans We cannot thank you enough for helping make our greatest wish come true. Your support and encouragement gave us the comfort and ease to get through the tough fertility treatment. We always felt well taken care of by all of you – thank you for that! In our sixth attempt – the last attempt at artificial insemination before IVF – we finally got pregnant, and now, a long time and many tears later, we finally have been blessed with our little boy. He is the most beautiful of them all! We are happy. Please continue

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IVF in Denmark as Danish expatriates

A personal consultation armed us with all the information we needed to make us feel at ease and relaxed about starting treatment. Despite our foreign address, we wanted a Danish fertility clinic which appreciated our situation. The collaboration with our local doctor went smoothly without any problems whatsoever, and we felt that we were in good hands at all times. Thank you for your professional work – we are very excited and looking forward to summer when we will become parents for the first time. Yours sincerely, Merethe & Morten

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It is difficult to undergo fertility treatment, because there is no guarantee that the treatment will lead to the desired result.

Dear Danfert, My sixth and thus last attempt at artificial insemination has now been performed and completed. I feel the need to say a big THANK YOU for everything you have done for me. Unfortunately, I had to go through all six cycles, and now we have to wait and see whether the sixth attempt will be successful. There is very, very little hope for us, but at least there is some hope. I would like to thank you all for the understanding, care and compassion you have shown us. No one likes undergoing fertility treatment, but at least you

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Fourth time lucky

After a long and dissatisfying course of treatments at a private fertility clinic, we were referred to the Copenhagen University Hospital where I became pregnant with Herman following IVF treatment. However, when the wish for a second child soon became pressing, treatment at a public hospital was not an option, and the staff at the hospital fertility department recommended that we use Dansk Fertilitetsklinik. We were anxiously waiting to start treatment because of our bad experience with the first private clinic, which was generally characterised by busyness, sloppiness, indifference and lack of responsibility. However, Dansk Fertilitetsklinik was anything but that.

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A five-year battle with fertility treatments

After five years of fertility treatments, we now look back on a long and difficult process with fertility treatments – which in the end without a doubt was worth every hypodermic needle, crying bout and perpetual physical examination. Our struggle began right after our wedding in 2007 when we were referred to Dansk Fertilitetsklinik because of their high success rate in treating polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), among other things. Since artificial insemination had proved unsuccessful and we were still entitled to free treatment under the public health system, we spent a good two years on public IVF treatment before we

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Camilla, 42 years, Mother to Oscar

“You are pregnant” Many years of despair, anxiety and frustration came to an end when Camilla received the good news from Dansk Fertilitetsklinik. She only needed the answer to one question – “How many are there?” – before she could let go of the last one of her worries and allow herself to simply feel the joy and happiness of going to be a mother at last. A need for care and attention Her pregnancy was preceded by a professional treatment program in the safe hands of Ursula, Kirsten and the other capable members of the clinic staff. “I had

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We feel extremely well taken care of

Vi havde i 5 år forsøgt at få børn og havde i flere år været i kontakt med det offentlige system. Hos Dansk Fertilitetsklinik oplevede vi en meget anderledes og langt mere professionel tilgang til vores ønske om at få et barn. Der blev foretaget flere scanninger end vi hidtil havde oplevet, og lægerne var meget opmærksomme. Tingene blev forklaret grundigt, så vi vidste, hvad der skulle ske. Vi blev ikke lovet 100% at det ville lykkes, men vi kunne tydeligt mærke på alle dem, som vi var i kontakt med, at de ville gøre alt, hvad de kunne for

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The girls at the reception were simply amazing

When we decided that we wanted to have a baby, we contacted several different clinics. Our choice soon fell on Dansk Fertilitetsklinik when we discovered that our treatment would here be partly covered by national health insurance if we could get a referral from our own doctor. Every step of the treatment was explained to us very thoroughly at our first meeting, and that was definitely one of the things that made us feel at ease. Another deciding factor was the warm and friendly way in which they received us. The girls at the reception were simply amazing. They were

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We could not have asked for a better experience

After having conceived our first child naturally, we were hoping to have a second child soon afterwards. We tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for about a year, and the results of examinations made by our own doctor showed that it was doubtful that we would be able to conceive a second child without help. When we got the diagnosis and were told at the same time that we should contact a private fertility clinic, we studied our options carefully. We found all the information we needed on the website of Dansk Fertilitetsklinik, which also gave the impression that the doctors

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Not just a number in a long line

We had tried for several years to conceive naturally. When it didn’t happen, we went through a four-year period with multiple IVF treatments at the Copenhagen University Hospital. There was a time when we questioned whether we had the strength to go on, but in the end we selected three private clinics that we decided to visit. Dansk Fertilitetsklinik was the last one on our list, and here we experienced a completely different world. Suddenly we no longer felt like we were just a number in a long line, and Ursula did an incredible job of putting together a treatment

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