Results for Insemination with donor sperm

Dansk Fertilitetsklinik’s results 2018-20 still better than Danish National data

  Positive pregnancy test after insemination with donorsperm

  Living foetus week 8

At Dansk Fertilitetsklinik, 21,9% of all women below 35 years had a living foetus in 2018-2020. The National data are 17,9%.

For women 35-39 years, 16,9% had a living fetus after insemination compared to 12,4% in the National Data.

For women 40-43 years, only 7,7% had a living fetus. For comparison, the Danish National data report 7,4% living fetus per insemination with donor semen. *Source: Dansk Fertilitetsselskab (, annual reports)

Our results for insemination with donorsperm 2018 til 2020

Insemination with donor semen 2018 – 2020
under 35 years
Positive pregnancy test 24,4%
Living fetus week 8 21,9%
35-39 years
Positive pregnancy test 20,0%
Living fetus week 8 16,9%
40-43 years
Positive pregnancy test 15,3%
Living fetus week 8 7,7%

The statistics demonstrate how the age of the women influences the pregnancy chance. We offer a maximum of 6 donor inseminations for women below 40 years and 3 inseminations for women 40-43 years. We recommend that women over 40 years proceed directly to IVF since the pregnancy chance with IVF treatment is much higher.

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